Boost car sales through strategic use of data in your marketing efforts. 

Firstly, by analyzing customer data, we can tailor personalized offers based on purchase history and preferences, creating a stronger connection with potential buyers. 

Secondly, data-driven insights can optimize advertising spend by identifying the most effective marketing channels, ensuring a more efficient allocation of resources. 

Lastly, predictive analytics enables dealerships to anticipate peak buying periods, allowing them to time their marketing campaigns strategically and capture the attention of potential buyers when they are most likely to make a purchase. 

Overall, leveraging data in marketing enhances customer engagement, optimizes advertising efforts, and ultimately increases car sales.


In a perfect world, every New/Used Vehicle purchase would end with a physical handshake between your valued customer and a Service team member. Make sure that a warm and friendly introduction to your Service Department is triggered with every customer.

Such post-purchase communications can highlight the importance of regular maintenance, offer exclusive service promotions to incentivize visits to the Service Department, and introduce customers to the Service Team they can expect to interact with in the future.

Developing a “Welcome to Service” video can elevate this strategy to the next level, giving customers a visual guided tour of how to access the Service Department, where to go upon arrival, the location of your lounge and its amenities, and more.

Ultimately, this form of personalized customer engagement can create a sense of belonging and encourage repeat business with your Service Department.


Your Service Department and the manufacturer it represents want to see your service customers an average of 2x per year. Implement an industry-proven marketing solution that re-engages your customer database to encourages this visit frequency and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

By emphasizing the importance of manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance, the strategy not only protects your customer’s investment in their vehicle by promoting vehicle longevity, but also positions the Service Department as a proactive partner in ensuring the customer's vehicle reliability, and ultimately the health and safety and them and their loved ones.

Offering exclusive discounts or bundled service packages for these routine maintenance visits creates a strong incentive for customers to return regularly. Additionally, consistent communication through targeted emails or SMS reminders fosters a sense of care and keeps the dealership top-of-mind, reinforcing customer loyalty and increasing the likelihood that they will continue choosing the service department for their automotive needs.


Recapture Inactive and Lost customers by automatically triggering campaigns when vehicles reach a defined age or odometer reading to drive customer visits and dollars per repair order. 

By tailoring promotions and developing communication incorporating text and video that specifically address the specific needs of higher mileage cars, we can demonstrate a deep understanding of customers' vehicles and promotes a sense of trust. 

Offering compelling packages or discounts for services aligned with manufacturer guidelines provides a convincing incentive for customers to return regularly. Focusing on higher kilometer vehicles and adhering to manufacturer recommendations in marketing efforts strengthens customer loyalty and can significantly enhance retention rates.


Embrace the reality that customers are choosing to drive their current vehicle longer than before. Utilizing your customer data, we can identify customers whose vehicles are approaching the point where their manufacturer warranty coverage will be ending. Recommending different warranty coverage options can help customers secure peace of mind on the road and drive customer retention with warranty coverage that serves them best.

By highlighting the added protection and peace of mind that extended warranties offer, the strategy not only addresses customers' concerns about potential future expenses but also positions the dealership as a reliable partner in safeguarding their investment. 

This approach not only generates immediate revenue but also establishes a post-sale relationship, as customers are more likely to return to the dealership for warranty-covered services. Ultimately, a well-executed extended warranty marketing strategy enhances the dealership's profitability by tapping into the ongoing maintenance and repair needs of their customer base.


Your BDC representatives are the eyes, ears, and mouth of your dealership, interacting with and assisting your customers with their needs all day long. Our BDC Service Training will give your team the knowledge to flawlessly execute your business development objectives using industry-proven strategies from top dealer groups with decades of experience. Our flexible training options give us the ability to offer your team virtual or onsite sessions and will provide you with exceptional value and immediate results.

This multi-step training module will explore Overcoming Objections, Managing Inbound Calls, Effective Outbound Calls with catered scripting, Voicemail Strategies, Inbox Management, Simple DMS tips & tricks, and more.

Our comprehensive reference guide will be your team’s go-to manual when they have questions about how to handle a specific situation with a customer and can be used to train new staff as your team expands.