Sell More Regular Maintenance

See Your Customers More Often

Your Service Department and the manufacturer it represents want to see your service customers a minimum of 2x per year. Implement an industry-proven marketing solution that re-engages your customer database to encourage more frequent visits and ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Show That You Care

By emphasizing the importance of manufacturer-recommended scheduled maintenance, you not only help to protect your customer’s investment in their vehicle by promoting vehicle longevity, you also position your Service Department as a proactive partner in ensuring the customer's vehicle reliability, and ultimately the health and safety of them and their loved ones.

Make It Compelling

Offering exclusive discounts or bundled service packages for routine maintenance visits creates a strong incentive for customers to return regularly. Additionally, consistent communication through targeted emails or SMS reminders fosters a sense of care and keeps the dealership top-of-mind, reinforcing customer loyalty and increasing the likelihood that they will continue choosing your Service Department for their automotive needs.

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