After-Sales Handoff

A simple, personalized message after vehicle purchase goes a long way to create a sense of belonging and to encourage a continued business relationship with your Service Department.

In a perfect world, every New/Used Vehicle purchase would end with a physical handshake between your valued customer and a Service team member. In the reality of a fast-paced dealership environment, that doesn't always happen. Make sure that a warm and friendly introduction to your Service Department is triggered with every new or used vehicle purchase.

A well-timed after-sales communication can highlight the importance of regular maintenance, offer exclusive service promotions to incentivize visits to the Service Department, and introduce customers to the Service Team they can expect to interact with in the future.

Developing a “Welcome to Service” video can elevate this strategy to the next level. Give your customers a visual guided tour of how to access the Service Department, where to go upon arrival, the location of your lounge and its amenities, and more. Ultimately, this form of personalized customer engagement can create a sense of belonging and encourage repeat business with your Service Department.

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